Investing into Marketing

Marketing a new business can be tough, but the dividends can pay off for years to come if you start the right business with the expertise to back it up. So, you could start something offline, but that usually takes much, much more money.

Or, let’s say you have an expertise like a Phoenix SEO consultant does, but they might be a little hard pressed for funding, so that same search engine expert could team up with a partner and start a Phx SEO consulting business (like This is an awesome match, because the business gets started and revenue is generated fast.


Now, it doesn’t have to be an online business, but the time is now and ripe for online businesses. Take for example. They did over $70 billion dollars in revenue last year (yes, that’s billion, with a b). They off many services for businesses to stock and ship their products for them, allowing you to take advantage of their platform for selling.

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Protecting Your Assets through Education

To be completely honest with you, money, business and finances are always a risky situation. They just are. Sure, there are safer avenues to invest in and protect your assets, but it takes a lot, and I mean a lot, of effort to stay ahead of the markets.


It can be done, but it takes education as well. According to Luminance Financial, only 12% of United States citizens said they had some idea that the housing market bubble was coming. Now, granted, they don’t all stay up to date on the financial markets.

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LifeLock: Protecting Your Identity for Good

LifeLock is a company that provides identity theft protection services. They even have a one million dollar guarantee that they’ll be everything in their power to help you fight against identity theft if it happens when you’re signed up through there.


You can also take advantage of their wallet protection, which offers a service through a tech support agent that will help shut down cards and replace various things from inside your wallet. Of course, they won’t be able to replace cash (you could just say you had $10,000.00 in there, am I right?), but they will stop cards and help you replace them.

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Processing a 72t IRA Rollover

We’ve helped many clients with various forms of financial tips and marketing experiences, to help them make sound, financial decisions. Today, we’d like to discuss 72t rollover procedures, what they are and how to go about executing one.


Essentially, 72t is the code that refers to the section that allows for taking out substantially equal payments from your IRA (or other retirement finance account). This allows for early retirement and cancels out the 10% penalty that usually comes along with retiring early and pulling funds from your account.

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